mission vision & core values

Mission Vision & Core Values


To achieve sustainable development and highly profitable growth by using superior and, advanced technology, capabilities and knowledge. To deliver outstanding operating and financial results by efficiently building and managing a balanced portfolio of CBM and Oil & Gas properties with an assortment of growth opportunities covering a range of risks and rewards. Build a work culture committed to effective management, improvement with time, and pure performance.


To grow as a profitable upstream exploration and production company, focused on core areas in safe and environmentally acceptable norms and in a responsible manner for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and society.

To develop and nurture a long-term strategic vision that drives company's growth and profitability, by continually innovating and improving our operational and organizational performance and aim to meet or exceed the success of our peers.

Core Values

• Financial

Ensure long term growth for benefit of shareholders, customer and employees. Exceed customer's expectations in terms of product, service and quality.

• Integrity & Honesty

Practice highest standards of ethics, honesty and personal integrity. Foster and maintain trust and confidence of our customers, employees and suppliers.

• Respect for employees, customers & suppliers

Developed and motivated employees to meet the challenges ahead. Provide customers with unsurpassed value-added services. Demonstrate respect, understanding and sound business practices with customers and suppliers.

• Health, Safety and Environment

Maintain high industry standards in Environment, Health and Safety. Be responsible for personal safety, employee's health, environment and company property.

• Technical

Develop world-class industry professionals and technical solutions. Adopt latest technologies and implement best practices thus achieving world – class performance. Achieve competitive advantage based on continuously improving processes and finding innovative solution to the technical challenges in meeting the needs of our customers.